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EVS at CEICC in Naples - Selection is open!

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CEICC is looking for n. 2 volunteers who are interested in EVS experience in the field of youth information and activities focused on EU communication priorities with target groups.

In particular candidates should have knowledge of EU framework, communication and ICT skills and service oriented skills.

Experience or interest in graphic softwares, photography, journalism will be an asset.
To know more about CEICC -EDIC Naples you can visite our website and fb profile.
The results of the selection process will be communicated by the 10th September.
Shor-listed candidates will be contacted by skype or telephone.

EVS details:
Host org.: CEICC Municipality of Naples
Co-ordinating org.: Salam House

Period: 6 months starting from January/February 2014
EI Reference:2010 -IT -137
Theme 1: European awareness
Theme2 : Media and communication/Youth information

To apply: CV and Motivation Letter (in English and/or Italian) to ceicc@comune.napoli.it with the object "EVS selection 2014"

Deadline for applications: 29 July h 13.00 (CET time)

EI Ref: 2010-IT-137

For info about us: www.comune.napoli.it/ceicc