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How to book halls and/or rooms

Booking request forms need to be sent to:

Comune di Napoli
Servizio Attività Tecniche di Supporto
Palazzo San Giacomo, P.zza Municipio 80100 NAPOLI

or by fax to: +39 81 7954598.

In the request form it is important to specify the hall or room as well as the datges it is needed (from / to...)

It is necessary to contact the Administrative Offices in advance, by dialling the following numbers +39 81 7954593 or +39 81 7954585/4588/4590, to check the availability of the halls and/or rooms for the dates chosen.


How to book photography and video srvices for ceremonies (weddings, first communions and so on)

Those interested in taking advantage of the available services should fill the appropriate form and pay a fee of 57,38 euro + 20% VAT on the postal account n. 58297474 addressed to: Tesoreria Comunale di Napoli - Servizio Attività Tecniche di Supporto.
N. B. The services being paid for should be given in the apposite space with the following wording: Proceeds for photo and/or video shootings in Castel dell' Ovo cap. 2105.

All necessary documents should be forwarded to the administrative offices, which will then grant authorization.