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Programme of cultural activities

glimpse of the hall of a theatre surrounded by lit boxes

A guide to the events of the month in the most important theatres and cinemas of the city. Time tables, places, events, actors/actresses. A chance to spend a nice evening.

G clef on the neck of a guitar

Important artists of national and international renown as well as less well-known ones, all engaged in providing entertainment and fun with their music, their songs, their mirth.


entrance to the Royal Palace

Guided tours
Churches, monuments, museums, landscapes, architectural and archaeological sites: an up to date program of guided tours, organized by associations and groups specialized in the sector, to discover the hidden artistic treasures of the city

interior of a staircase with plants and furnitures

Literary events
Conventions, seminars, debates, meetings with artists, presentations of books and works, film reviews: these are just a few of the many events displayed in this section.


Typical products from Campania on a laid table. On the background the Amalfi coast

The gastronomic Naples with its culinary and oenologiacl traditions:a, map of the initiatives and of the extraordinary events about oenogastronomy, with news on feasts and festivals in Naples.

Waterpolo players during a match

Sports events, agonistic disciplines, national championship marches: everything makes sport in the city(football, basket, waterpolo, athletics, ecc. ), together with huge national and international sports events.



Municipality of Naples
Administrative Department IX - Cultural, sports and Leisure Time Policy
Events Programming and Planning Department
Maschio Angioino - Napoli
tel. 0815422090
fax 0815512141
e-mail: grandieventi@comune.napoli.it

Director: Giuseppe Imperatore
Head of the program organization: Adele Morea