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picture of an interior hall in Castel dell'Ovo

The museum of Castel dell' Ovo, situated in one of the many beautiful areas of the city, is fascinating not only because of the historical memory it evokes but also for its particular natural beauty.

It stands on a tufo island partly under the sea and connected to the mainland by a bridge which leads straight into Via Partenope, the beautiful promenade where the most luxurious hotels in the city are situated.

From the terraces of the Castle you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the coast, which offers tourists a unique panorama of the city.

The Castel dell' Ovo, therefore, is not only a charming tourist place but also the ideal environment for the organization of conferences and important exhibitions, thanks to the beauty of the surroundings and its easy-to-reach location.


...not only

There are several halls and rooms, of different kinds, in the castle, which can be used for conventions, conferences and business meetings. The halls and rooms are empty so that they can more easily be equipped to suit users' needs. Setup, therefore, as well as possible catering needs, are taken care of by the event promoters who are free to choose their own specialized suppliers.

For coffee breaks and buffets it is forbidden to use equipment that might cause fire. It is, moreover, forbidden to provide musical entertainment or to organize performances during the buffet. To use the halls and rooms users will need to provide the appropriate documents as described in detail in the section "access to services".
In the Castle, photos and videos for strictly personal use are allowed (for example, for ceremonies like weddings, First Communions and so on).