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Manner of entry

Civic Museum in Castel Nuovo - Maschio angioino

Piazza Municipio - 80133 Naples
Tel: 081-7957722
email: patrimonio.artistico.beniculturali@comune.napoli.it
Opening Hours: from Monday until Saturday8,30am 19,00pm
The ticket office is open until 1 hour before

Places to visit during the week

Museum itinerary (entry ticket: Euro 6,00 - Reductions and free entry: see enclosed tables)

  1. Palatine Chapel or Santa Barbara (detached frescoes, sculptures and "Ori dell'Annunziata" in permanent exhibition)
  2. First floor Civic Museum - Jerace's Collection (Carlo V's Hall) and Picture gallery
  3. Second floor Civic Museum - Picture gallery
  4. Third floor Civic Museum - Sala Novecento, sculptures and paintings coming from donations and collections of the Municipality of Naples

How to get there

Vomero area: Central funicular (Piazzetta Fuga - Via Toledo)
Central area: Bus services 202 (Corso Umberto - Via De Pretis) and R2 (Central Station - Piazza Trieste and Trento)
Chiaia area: C25 (Piazza Vittoria - Galleria Vittoria - Acton - Piazza Bovio- Via Diaz - Medina - Municipio - Via San Carlo)
Tube Line: 1 (Garibaldi, Università, Municipio)