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City Historical Archive

detail of a letter to the city corps and cover with the Kingdom of two Sicilies's coat of arms.

"Making the most of an archive as important as the one of the City of Naples means not only arranging it the best way possible but also supplying it with indexes and making it as organized as possible in order to facilitate researchers' work remarkably. It's important that we help well educated people, either Italian or from other countries, get to know the nature of the files kept in this archive".
(Alessandro Cutolo, 1929)

The City Historical Archive, an area of the Historical Archive Department, has its office in the former Hermitage of Santa Maria della Purificazione e dei Santi Gioacchino ed Anna in Pontenuovo (Salita Pontenuovo n. 31)


institutional activities and services

  • Rearrangement, inventories, preservation, exploitation of document collections and sources 
  • Filing and computer recording 
  • Archival and historiographical assistance 
  • Genealogical and archival research related to under-18s in the former Real Casa Santa dell' Annunziata 
  • Publications, including those related to computer publishing, studies, inventories and institutional, juridical and museums-related research 
  • Programming and coordinating interventions of restoration on documents and ancient texts 
  • Organization and carrying out of basic training courses and stages related to archival disciplines 
  • Organization of cultural events for the exploitation of the archival heritage
queen Margherita di Savoia's marble bust

central and branch offices

Historical Archive Department
salita Pontenuovo, 31
Old Section (I and II series) 1387 -1860, associated Municipalities decrees, collection of cartographies and drawings, photos archive, public assistance and charity institutions archive, newspaper and periodical library, library, statutes and decrees book (1806-1980).

San Lorenzo Maggiore
vico de' Maiorani, 45
Deliberation documents of the Town Council, decrees of podestà, commissarial decrees, warrants and mayors' decrees (1860 -1960)

Estate and State property
Torre della Guardia in Castel Nuovo via Vittorio Emanuele III
Real property and city property archive (1861 - 1980), cartographical archive
Real Casa Santa dell'Annunziata
via dell'Annunziata, 34
Documentary evidence related to the management body, statements archive, parchment collection (XIII-XVI sec.), medical library, customs collection of the Kingdom of Naples