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The Children's Section of Naples Public Libraries

Each of the thirteen City Libraries in the Neapolitan area has a children's section.

Periodicals, comics, essays, manuals, fiction and texts suitable for school projects, with their easy language and attractive images, encourage children to enjoy reading books from Naples Public Libraries.

Materials in this section are on open display so that young users can easily access needed documents, to best develop their educational and leisure time interests.

Children may also borrow bibliographical material, provided one parent gives permission.


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Autore Titolo Editore Biblioteca Note
ABBA, Giuseppe CesareDa Quarto al VolturnoMondadoriAndreoli
ABBA, Giuseppe CesareStoria dei MilleBemporad-MarzoccoAndreoli
AIMONETTO, LydiaAutunno nei boscoLa ScuolaAndreoli
AIMONETTO, LydiaGli ardimentosiLa ScuolaAndreoli
AIMONETTO, LydiaLa gita di PaoloLa ScuolaAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayDue ragazzi in gambaBoschiAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayI figli di Jo BoschiAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayLe piccole donne cresconoMursiaAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayPiccole donneFabbriAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayPiccole donneMondadoriAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayPiccoli uominiMursiaAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayRosa e i suoi cuginiLa SorgenteAndreoli
ALCOTT, Louisa MayRosellaMursiaAndreoli
ALGRANATI, GinaLa Badia ParaviaAndreoli
ALTEROCCA, BonaIl romanzo del giornalismoMursiaAndreoli
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianBeppe il pesciolinoAMZAndreoli
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianFiabeEinaudiAndreoli
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianLe scarpette rosseMondadoriAndreoli
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianNovelle di AndersenBoschiAndreoli
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianNovissime novelleHoepliAndreoli
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianNuove novelleHoepliAndreoli
ANDERSEN, Hans ChristianQuaranta novelleHoepliAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaDaddi e GiogiMursiaAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaGli animali al principio del mondoMursiaAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaIl signor SerafinoLa SorgenteAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaIo e mio zioMursiaAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaLa vetrina dell'oreficeMursiaAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaLe straordinarie vacanze di ViolettaMursiaAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaLolliMursiaAndreoli
ANGUISSOLA, GianaMeril?MursiaAndreoli
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