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The De Mura Library

De Mura Library logotype
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In the Castel Nuovo there is an active Study Area on the second floor of the Watch Tower, to which there is access independently from the entry to the Museum. This area, which houses the prestigious collection of books of the "Ettore e Mura" library, also has a Reception and Information Office and an Educational Activities office.

This service plays a fundamental role of orientation and assistance to teaching activity. It offers teachers and cultural operators opportunities to take part in interesting introductory meetings to museum visits and support for knowledge of the museum.

The De Mura Collection, is the collection of Neapolitan songs of the poet and author Ettore De Mura, who died in 1977. It consists of 4,000 volumes: books of historical, artistic and literary interest, ancient texts and a large collection on the history of the history of Neapolitan songs, including the so-called "Piedigrotta", the songs sang in the competition held every year in Naples from 1888 to 1960.

There are also copies and scores of Neapolitan songs, antique and rare books such as the Venetian edition of the Fuggilozzo by Tommaso Costo, dated 1600, to the theatrical works of Antonio Petito published from 1867, and La storia del reame di Napoli (History of the Kingdom of Naples) by Pietro Colletta, which goes back to 1848.

The Civic Museum collection of books, which has been added to the library, constitutes the modern section and includes volumes on the historical and artistic aspects of the city. There is a special area for children. Here there are manuals, monographs, exhibition catalogues and guidebooks, together with a series of volumes of art, information and curiosities for both adults and children.

Openig times to the public: from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am - 1.30 pm.

Tel. 081 7957736
e-mail: fondo.demura@comune.napoli.it


Apart from the outstanding collection of magazines, periodicals, musical scores and books that belonged to Ettore De Mura held in the library in the Castel Nuovo, other material belonging to the poet is exhibited in the permanent exhibition "Napoli nella raccolta De Mura" (Naples as told by the De Mura Collection) in the underground passageway in Piazza Trieste e Trento.
Opening times: 9.00 am - 5.30 pm, from Monday to Saturday. Closed on Sundays and holidays.