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Secrets of the Palazzo

sight of San Giacomo Palace through a keyhole with the sentence: the secrets of the Palace

Survey by Bernardo Leonardi

Events, images, curiosities which are more or less hidden in the history of the Commune of Naples and its institutional buildings.

An "unusual" tour to discover or rediscover memories which have been obscured by the passing of time - memories of happenings, persons, places of public and political memory. A meeting with "secret" memories which, in spite of the ruthlessness of men and of time, are ready to be told to whoever wishes to hear them.

e-mail: bernardo.leonardi@comune.napoli.it


Warning: Unless otherwise stated, the author of the text is also the photographer and owner of the historical objects used to illustrate the text; both text and images are therefore protected bby copyright.
The texts may be used freely for personal purposes, provided their meanings are not distorted and the source is quoted. Quotations should give the name of the author, the title and an indication of the source  www.comune.napoli.it  including the link to  www.comune.napoli.it.


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