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The Chapel of S. Francesco di Paola


From the hall called Charles V, we enter the small chapel which in 1481 gave hospitality to San Francesco di Paola on his way to Paris.

The original 4th-century vaulted dome designed by Guillén Sagrera, similar to the one in the Barons' Hall, was destroyed during World War II. The chapel was restored in baroque style and consecrated on April 3rd 1688, as testified by the marble slab over the entrance.
The walls were decorated by baroque stuccos and other paintings, including the portrait of San Francesco del Ribera.

At present, the only sign of its ancient splendour are the three paintings on wooden panels of the Visitation, the Annunciation and the journey of Mary to Bethlehem, all by Nicola Russo, and a few gilt stucco decorations.