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Hall XX Century



The two halls are part of the project MAST (Maschio Angioino Smart Tour): for the first time a new model of fruition, based on Internet technologies offers the possibility of telling the monuments, and not only, in innovative way. By systems of navigation, that you can enter through great videos,will be able to be visited in virtual way, in addition to Castel Nuovo - Maschio Angioino ,places and museums of Naples. At last it is possible with an own tablet and / or Smartphone, which will be a substitute to the audioguides, to join through "a new model of enjoyment based on the metaphor of the work that speaks, thanks to the application OPS (Talking Works Show), with a free downloading on the apple and google's store for iOS and Android." The project is a fruit of a collaboration between the Municipality of Naples - Assessorship to the Culture andTourism, Artistic Property Service and Cultural Properties, the District DATABENC (District to high Tecnology for the Cultural Properties) and the Department of Humanistic Studies of the University of Naples "Federico II".