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Walking in 3D

Virtual tour through old photos, recalling places and atmospheres of the past.

ancient print portraying the hallway of San Giacomo Palace

The Hallway of San Giacomo Palace

In the series of books entitled "Pictorial journey round the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies", which was published between 1829 and 1832, the Ministries of State building was described. This was the period when work on the building was coming to a close.

The text was accompanied by an illustration entitled "main hallway of the new Royal building of San Giacomo".

ancient print portraying the covered walkway in San Giacomo Palace

The covered walkway

Based on a drawing by the architect Stefano Gasse, the engraver Gaetano Dura made the lithograph entitled "covered walkway in the Ministries of State Building".

The architectural description is "animated by typical figures" and is thus a snapshot of the daily comings and goings in the San Giacomo building in the 1800s.


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