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Regulations and opening times

Access rules

Before accessing the study-room, users should follow the following procedure:

  • Exhibit a valid document to reception and collect the visitors' badge, which must be dworn and visible at all times. 
  • Leave purses, bags and other personal belongings in the appropriate containers, which can be found close to the reception office; users will be asked to keep the key of their container. 
  • Sign the Archive's visitors' book. 
  • Fill in a form to record name and address, the object of study and aim of research. 
  • Determine, through an interview with the reference filing clerk or other archive assistants, the theme of study and the coordinates of the research.

Request for documents

  • Users are free to refer to archive tools and request the available documents. 
  • Requests for documents or parts of them which are being restored, exhibited, taken stock of or in precarious conditions, cannot be met. 
  • Before consulting documents, users will need to fill in a request form, provided by the office workers. 
  • Users can consult papers, drawings and particularly fragile documents only if assisted by the Archive operators.


Archive document photography is permitted, provided users fill in the appropriate request form; after being granted the necessary permission, they are free to take photographs using their own equipment and assisted by the Archive operators.

Appropriate behaviour in the study-room

It is absolutely forbidden to:

  • Smoke, eat or drink, speak in a raised voice; 
  • Take photos or film shots of any kind without permission; 
  • Enter the administration offices unescorted by authorized personnel.