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aerial image of the historical center of Naples

We can revisit the history and development of the city by means of itineraries from the very first settlements, passing through places with testify to the past, but which only occasionally show clear signs of events while more often tending to stimulate the imagination.

The starting-point is Partenope, which was founded about 3,000 years ago, and the point of arrival the new city, Neapolis, the real historical centre and heart of the modern metropolis. As we go along the roads that have become part of Partenopean history and culture, we discover archeological and sites and examples of art which are unique.

The cult of the dead, which so much typifies the culture of the Neapolitans, comes alive in the mysterious scenario of the Necropolis of the Sanità. Approaching the hill of Posillipo, our journey ends with an itinerary which leaves us enchanted by the extraordinary beauty of the natural scenery which the Romans learned to love.