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Antonio Labriola

Interior of the library with some bookcases
Photo: F. de Marinis - archive proDUCKtion

Piazza Pacichelli, 10 - S. Giovanni a Teduccio. Tel. 081-5721881 fax 081-5723508
e-mail: bib-labriola@comune.napoli.it

Opening hours 9 am - 7 pm

Closed in August

This library is dedicated to Antonio Labriola (Cassino 1843 - Rome 1904), famous philosopher and researcher of historical materialism.



  • Guideline information 
  • Conference room 
  • Reading room 
  • Children's area 
  • Southern section 
  • Guided tours: what can I find in a library? 
  • Readers consultancy service 
  • City interlibrary loans 
  • Free reference of the librarian heritage 
  • Newspaper and magazine reading room 
  • Free book loans


  • Public readings and book presentations 
  • Performances (music, art) 
  • Conferences and institutional events 
  • Cultural events organized by Public Administration 
  • Meetings and seminars 
  • Workshops 
  • Programs in collaboration with other institutions and local associations