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Tourist Map of the City

The city of Naples has realized a Tourist Map. Residents and tourists can download a copy from the link on the right of this box.

Procedure for hoteliers and tour operators who want to acquire the graphic design of the Tourist Map

Antique image of Naples

The Tourist Department offers all the hoteliers and tour operators the chance to obtain for free the licence of the graphic projects that the Administration has bought. These plans can be either personalized by adding information concerning your business or used without carrying out any alteration.

This way every tour operator will be able to hand out maps of the city to his clients, by paying only the printing costs.

What you need to do to enjoy this opportunity is:

1. Download the application form (available at the bottom of this page) and fill it in; then print it out on your headed paper.
2. Attach the following to the application form: identity card of your legal representative; Certificate showing you have enrolled to the Chamber of Commerce with anti-mafia caption (which is valid 6 months since the issue date); Declaration of conformity with your tax duty.
3.Moreover you need to go through the Vade mecum (at the bottom of this page), in which you can find the instructions to affix the Logo on the Map.

The application forms and the attached documents have to be delivered to Osservatorio Turistico situated in Piazza del Plebiscito - Colonnato San Francesco di Paola n. 14, by handing or sending them by post.
For further information, please contact the Office here: 0817956160 - 61 - 62

Procedure for graphic plans you will personalize


Procedure for graphic plans without any personalization