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To Naples by land

Railways stations

  1. There are three ferrovie dello Stato railway stations:

For information on railway routes:

Convient and efficient bus and taxi services serve all three stations


The public bus companies listed below run along the city and suburban routes daily, and other companies, both public and private, have much longer routes from and to Italian and European destinations

ANM (Azienda napoletana mobilità).
Ctpn (Compagnia trasporti pubblici napoli).
Cstp .
Sepsa (Società per l'esercizio di pubblici servizi anonima).
Sita (Società italiana trasporti automobilistici).
Busradar.com (the bus trip search engine).
Busradar.com (the bus trip search engine).


If you prefer to drive, you can reach the city by motorway

  1. A1 (autostrada del sole) from Milan
  2. A3 from Salerno - Reggio Calabria
  3. A16 from Avellino and benevento
  4. A14 - A16 from Bari