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Reading.Point Nati per leggere

From the alliance between Nati per Leggere and Comune di Napoli, the first Reading.Point Nati per Leggere for kids comes to the PAN | Palazzo Arti Napoli, the place where books and stories found a home!

Nati per Leggere (www.natiperleggere.it) is the national project of encouragement of reading during childhood, promoted since 1999 by pediatricians and librarians through the cultural Associations of Pediatricians (ACP), the Center for the health of the Kid (CSB) and Italian Association Libraries (AIB).
Every kid has the right to be protected not just from illness and violence, but also from the lack of appropriate occasions of emotional and cognitive development: this is the heart of Born to Read, a community project which considers reading during childhood as a tool for human development.
The project activates local networks, placing the intervention of the family at its center. Pediatricians and librarians, voluntary readers, schools, institutions, educative and healthcare services, promote reading and support parents in providing to kids a better cognitive and relational development.
From October 2012, the project Born to Read (Nati per Leggere), in collaboration with Comune di Napoli, has started the Reading.Point Nati per Leggere at PAN | Palazzo Arti Napoli.

The Reading.Point Nati per Leggere is waiting for you with open book and open heart, to donate emotions to all the kids!

What Reading.Point Nati per Leggere is
It's the first library for kids in Naples, the place where books and stories found a home!
What Reading.Point Born to Read is not: it's not a game room, it's not a nursery school, it's not a gym, it's not a library, it's not a party room... it's just a little library hosted at the third floor of a beautiful museum.
The "scambialibro"
It's the place where kids can exchange books with each other.
Bus.Point: from the suburbs to the center
Since 19 December 2012, the local government of Social Politics (Assessorato alle Politiche Sociali) and the Napoli Sociale spa, connected suburb areas with the Reading.Point Nati per Leggere by a bus.

The Reading.Point Nati per Leggere is open every Wednesday and Thursday, and every second Saturday morning of the month.


10.30/13.00 | Le storie piccoline (Little stories),
for kids from 0 to 3 years, with moms, dads, grannies, uncles, babysitters and
every adult who is taking care of the kids.

Wednesday and Thursdays
16.30/18.30 | Milleunastoria con Nati per Leggere,
for kids from 3 years (16.30/17.30 aloud readings from
Nateperleggere volounteers
| 17.30/18.30 free readings with kids and their parents)

Second Saturday morning of the month
10.30/12.30 | Il sabato di Nati per Leggere (Born
to Read Saturday)

Thursday mornings are for schools bookings
cell. 389 9157256

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