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Halls and spaces by rate


We would like to inform you that, starting from December 2015, the supervising office of the Loggia Hall in Castel Nuovo will receive users on Wednesdays and Thursdays - from 10,00 until 13.00.

With regard to booking modalities at the Hall for the celebration of civil marriages it is specified that:
- the bookings of the Hall have been agreed beforehand between users and the Civil status' office of competence and you need to communicate it, to confirm availability, to the office in Castel Nuovo that answers to n. 081.7957720 l 57725;
- established the availability, the betrothed (or the person in charge), equipped with special authorisation given by the Civil status' office, they must formalize the booking of the Hall to the above-mentioned office in Castel Nuovo, within and not over 20 days before the date of use, - signing special instance and receiving all the useful information about the rules that regulate the use and the payment formalities;
- the practice for the concession of the Hall concludes favourably only after the occurred payment and the communication will be given to the competent Civil status' offices, through the information protocol.

We inform you that, at last, that from 12 October 2015, the bookings of the Halls and of the spaces by rate must be forwarded within and not over 15 days before the date of use for the Barons' Antechambers and at least 20 days before for the Loggia Hall , exception of the institutional uses.


Per informazioni
Servizio Patrimonio Artistico e Beni Culturali
UnitÓ Organizzativa Sale e Spazi a Tariffa
Piazza Municipio - Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino)
Tel. 081.7957725 081.7957720

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