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Emergency Room Napoli by Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel

locandina della mostra

The research lines, mapped out in the exhibition My Space. Cosa vuol dire 'pubblico?' (What means 'audience'), are completed with the involvement of the Danish-French artist Thierry Geoffroy, also known as Colonel, that from March 13th will open at PAN the Emergency Room Napoli project. The "format"- already activated at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center of New York, and then in Berlin, Athens, Toronto, Paris - springs from the artist's observation that the contemporary society is dominated by a constant state of "emergency": so the artists are "thermometers" for dysfunctions of society and interpreters of its inquietudes, like a journalist that makes a report, Geoffroy gets to the bottom of this condition by the realization of a room, the Emergency Room, a platform where international and Italian artists are invited to reflect on current news, and to produce daily ad hoc artworks.
Furthermore, Thursday, March 12th at 17.00, Thierry Geoffroy invites everybody, artists and not artists, to participate to the initiative "Critical Run". A real city run that will take place in the Villa Comunale of Naples, and is been defined by the artist as an "Awareness Muscle training".

Press preview Friday, March 13, at 12,00 (noon). Opening Friday, March 13 at 19,00

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