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I suoni di Napoli 2008

locandina degli spettacoli

The most famous pages but even the ones less performed ( equally suggestive) of the classic chamber repertoire, an unusual schedule with "ballads" and a musical contemporary comedy.

The season 2008 of "Suoni di Napoli" realized by the Association Members of the Orchestra Alessandro Scarlatti, was conceived by his artistic director Luigi Borriello characterized by quality and artistic variety to attract different targets.

The programme includes 9 concerts that will take place from the 10th of October to the 18th of December in the Christ Church ( British Church) in via San Pasquale a Chiaja, the manifestation's traditional venue, which got to the third edition.

The events will occur every Friday from the 10th of October to the 28th of November at 20:00. "I Suoni di Napoli" will have a break until Thursday December 18 when, in the week that precedes Christmas Day, it will be presented the last concert of the season; the great Messiah oratorio for solos, chorus and orchestra by Georg Friedrich Händel.

The prestigious initiative this year makes use of the patronage of the Ministry of Cultural Activities, Campania Region, Municipality and Province of Naples

 (74.27 KB)see the concerts' programme (74.27 KB).
The ticket's price of a single concert is 10 euros. To get to know the young generation to music and to the pleasant habit of live music, there is a reduction for students( 5 euros) and a family discount,minimum 3 people 24 euros.

For the concert ( The Messiah) of December 18, the price is 12 euros , family discount min. 3 people 30 euros, students 7 euros.
Tickets can be bought directly at the box office ( British Church) from 19:00 during the concerts' days.
info: www.isuonidinapoli.it

Journalists who intend to be present at the concerts can address to Studio Montparnasse at 347-6843236.
Press office: Studio Montparnasse
tel. 347.6843236 aut 320.3057812
e-mail: studio.montparnasse@tiscali.it