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Capodimonte: Salvator Rosa, between myth and magic

18th April - 29th June 2008

The monographic exhibition about Salvator Rosa is part of the cultural schedule of Special Superintendency for the Museum Pole of Naples, that aims to analyse thoroughly, with monographic exhibitions, the knowledge of some of the protagonists of neapolitan painting of seventeenth century.
Salvator Rosa,painter, poet and musician, is definitely one of them, active not only in Naples, but also in Florence and Rome, taking his place in the particular cultural world that represents an interlacement of science, magic, alchemy, philosophy and art.
The artist expresses through different art form, that "dissent" that marks the whole generation of painters and writers,who are highly critics about political and religious power.
The purpose of this exhibition is to illustrate a peculiar aspect of the prolific painting production of Salvator Rosa, that is his compositions of figures like witchcrafts, philosophic allegories, sacred and mythological stories and the portrait painting. 60 paintings from italian, european and american museums such as National Gallery of Ancient Art of Rome, Pitti Gallery of Florence, National Gallery of London, Louvre Museum of Paris, Kunsthistorisches Museum of Vienna, Metropolitan Museum of New York and works of art from important private collection, unlikely accessible to the public.
The exposition will be also enriched and completed by some drawings and engravings present in the collections of Special Superintendency for the Museum Pole of Naples. The works have been selected from an international scientific committee, consisting of Nicola Spinosa- president-, Marco Chiarini, Brigitte Daprà, Helen Langdon, Wolfgang Prohaska, Aurora Spinosa and Caterina Volpi. 
During the exhibition there will also be a series of events that will have the aim to show the poetic and musical production of Salvator Rosa, always strictly connected to the painting one. The visitor will have the occasion to listen to the reading of some parts of his Satires and of other poems and also to listen to the execution of some pieces of the musical survey of neapolitan seventeenth century.
The plan is edit by scientific committee.



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