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The Naples Council taxi service includes around 2370 cars and there are approx. 165 taxi ranks in the city.
Most licensed cab drivers belong to one of 12 cooperatives, and five call centres manage phone bookings.
The current taxi fares system was approved by the Council Act no. 1282 of 29/03/07 and came into force on 19/06/07. Ordinary meter fares are included, as well as special rates for specific rides both within and outside the city boundaries.

Ordinary meter rates mean that rides start with € 3,00 on the meter on weekdays, and € 5,50 at night and on Sundays and public holidays. Supplements occasionally apply, and these are listed in the attached fares list. Apart from these, the fare depends on journey time and length and is shown on the meter. A minimum fare of €. 4,50 is charged on weekdays.

Special fixed rates for specific rides within and outside the city boundaries are all-inclusive (i.e. airport, night-time, baggage, animals, motorway toll and phone booking supplements are all included). These rates are available to any passenger who asks for this service when they get in the taxi. Taxi-drivers cannot refuse the request and obviously the taxi-meter should not be switched on.

Whether these special fixed rates are applied or not depends entirely on the passenger and they are responsible for requesting the service when they get into the taxi. Taxi-drivers are obliged to comply and they should fill in a UNICO - TAXI voucher stating the route and cost and give this to the passenger.

Failure to comply with the above, or any refusal on the part of taxi-drivers, should be reported, as sanctions apply (as set out in Council Regulations Act no. 80 of 03/10/2005. The multilingual fares list is given to all taxi drivers and includes both pricing systems (normal meter and fixed rates). It should be clearly displayed inside the vehicle to enable passengers to decide immediately which fare to choose depending on their destination.

Third parties (like hotels, travel agencies, maritime transport companies) are allowed to establish special deals with taxi companies or licenced cab drivers to regulate the service for their clients or to make phone bookings easier. Wherever these special deals apply, passengers or the third party cannot be asked to pay any supplementary charges over and above the special fixed rates which, as stated above, are already all-inclusive.

If any money should be asked for, over and above the fixed rates listed in the attachment, this constitutes a violation of the regulations and can be reported to the Planning, Promotion and Control Service for Public Transport, as sanctions apply.