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Peepul Association for ACCESIBLE TOURISM in Naples

Tourist and cultural itineraries for people with disability

peepul_dalla parte dei disabili

By "Accesible Tourism" the Association Peepul means "Tourism for EveryOne", in other words, a tourism for those who suffer of motor, sensory and cognitive disabilities, for all those people with special needs, for elder people and those who have to follow special diets.
By "tourism for EveryOne" we mean any urban and suburban itinerary of daily utility or of historical, cultural and touristic interest. These itineraries are made possible thanks to the "solidary attender", trained to help people with any type of disability.
What is available: van with ramp, wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs, interpreters for the deaf and tactile itineraries.
The association Peepul is also involved in surveying, mapping and monitoring Naples and its province detecting the accessibility of each place, moreover it tries to remove all the barriers and it trains volunteers and touroperators to develop "fully accessible" itineraries.



Naples for EveryOne: the removal of architectural barriers

The aim of this project is to remove all the architectural barriers of the city in order to spread theculture of accessibility, a culture that also means to overcome all those architectural and cultural obstacles, so that the mobility, the integration and an autonomous life can be guaranteed to people with special needs as well. Three videos were made in order to promote the social awareness of citizens.


The aim of the three videos, presented in the website of the Councillor responsible of town planning, is to promote the creation of new accessible places.




Voluntary Association Peepul
Via C. Poerio, 106/7 Naples
tel. 0817647693 - 3356973981 - mail: info@peepul.it


The Association offers itineraries with shuttle-bus with 9 seats (2 seatsfor wheelchairs) and 7 fully accessible walking tours. The itineraries by bus will be activated for groups of 6 people (+ 2 wheelchairs), while the walking tour is for groups of minimun 8 people. Booking is required at least 36 hours before the tour. You can book by email, fax or calling us. The itineraries will be carried according to the type of disability. Users will have to let us know if they have a foldable or electric wheelchair and if they are accompanied by an attender. Electirc wheelchair are available.
Our staff: driver, multilingual hostess and steward, attenders.
Activitiesand Services
Available services: guided tours, boat tours, admissions for museums, theaters, public transports, restaurants, menus for diabetics and any type of allergies, paramedical equipment.
TOUR BY BUS: 25,00 € (x3h) 45,00 € (x6h)
WALKING BUS: 10.00 € (15.00 € for two people)
INDIVIDUAL TOUR: from 35,00 €