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Cesare Accetta, "Dietro gli occhi" ("Behind the eyes").


Napoli and its scene | tale of its state of being contemporary - speechs and stories of scholars and protagonists

Cesare Accetta's photographic exhibition will be open until Sunday 8th July 2012.
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On Wednesday 27th June, at the PAN - Palazzo delle ARTI di Napoli, FINISSAGE of Cesare Accetta's photography exhibition "DIETRO GLI OCCHI"("BEHIND THE EYES") and presentation of the exhibition catalogue by Maria Savarese.

The presentation of the catalogue of Photographs by Cesare Accetta - who, as a theatre\cinema photographer and light designer, caught many significant moments of the contemporary\innovative theatre between the 70s and the 90s - gives many reflections and stories.
Mario Franco  (moderator), Gianfranco Capitta, Alfredo D'Agnese, Stefano De Matteis, Stefano De Stefano, Giovanni Fiorentino, Enrico Ghezzi, Maria Savarese- exhibition curator -will be present at the event.
During the opening there will be a greeting speech from Antonella Di Nocera, the spokesman for the arts and the Assessor for Culture of Naples.

Dall'alto: concerto safari e tango glaciale (clicca per ingrandire)

On Friday 27th 2012 Cesare Accetta's exhibition "Dietro gli Occhi" ("Behind the Eyes") by Maria Savarese was inaugurated at the PAN | Palazzo delle Arti Napoli. This exhibition project, promoted by the Municipality of Naples - Department of Culture and co-financed by the Department of Toursim and Cultural Heritage and Activities of Regione Campania, is included in the context of national and international promotional events of both institutions. The theme is inspired to the "tale" of Regione Campania through a mod ernpromotional activity of its cultural heritage, according to PO FESRCampania  2007 Asse 1 - Obiettivo Operativo 1.9.
From 1976 - year of the historical "Incontro Situazione 76" show at Teatro San Ferdinando and of the "census" of main"experimentation" theatre companies - to 1996.

Dall'alto: Dietro gli occhi (A. D'Elia e A. Renzi) e A. Neiwiller in Black Out (clicca per ingrandire)

Through some images there will be a reconstruction of that Research theatre season: from Mario and Maria Luisa Santella's Alfred Jarry Theatre to Vittorio Lucariello's Spazio Libero; from Arturo Morfino's Play Studio, from Michele del Grosso's TIN, from Gennaro Vitiello's Libera Ensemble consecutively directed by Renato Carpentieri e Lello Serao. Then Laura Angiulli's Toledo Theatre\Gallery; Teatro Nuovo; Toni Servillo's Teatro Studio of Caserta; Mario Martone's Falso Movimento; Remondi e Caporossi's theatre; Federico Tiezzi e Sandro Lombardi's Magazzini Criminali; Giorgio Barberio Corsetti's La Gaia Scienza; Leo De Bernardinis. The monographc section, dedicated to Antonio Newiller's Theatre - completes the exhibition project.
At the PAN, on the occasion of the catalogue presentation, there will be a conference on the Research Theatre between the 70s and the 90s with aspecial appearance by some of the main protagonists of artistic move ments in times past and present.

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