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Cultural planning

view from the top of Piazza del Plebiscito
Piazza del Plebiscito - Installation "Taratantara" by Anish Kapoor, Christmas 2000

The Cultural Planning Project aims to strengthen cultural activities and the carrying out of projects and multi-ethnical initiatives, focusing, in particular, on some of the new and most original artists in Naples.

The cultural promotion is based on "edutainment", that is on educational strategies using culture to promote constructive social relationships, redistribute knowledge, facilitate social cohesion and involve citizens as culture creators and users.

These projects keep into consideration the varying cultural identities, giving importance to the proposals of the main protagonists of the organizing and cultural life of the city.

The planning of events is taken care of by the tourist department. Programs of events like "Monuments in May", "Summertime in Naples", "Christmas in Naples" are carried out in relation to the periods in which there is a more consistent flow of tourists.

The most important events involve international artists, aiming to promote the cosmopolitan nature of culture and the multiplicity of its forms.

The activity of the Cultural Planning Service shows how the City Administration aims to use Culture as a means to promote the development of civilization and facilitate relationships based on tolerance and mutual respect.


Description of the service activities:


    Servizio Programmazione e Progettazione Culturale
    Piazza Municipio - Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino)
    Email: programmazione.culturale@comune.napoli.it 
    Dirigente: Dott. Francesco Somma