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Artistic and Cultural Heritage Service

· Planning and scheduling exhibitions at those structures belonging to the City of Naples (in consultation with the Department of Institutional, International and European Union Relations, Office of the Mayor, for international exhibitions);
· Promotion of the aforementioned activities;
· Organizationand management of exhibitions planned in collaboration with the other Administration Services;
· Coordinationof the relations of the Municipality, aimed at the treatment, distribution and exhibition of the artistic heritage, with Superintendents, Universities, Cultural Regional, National and Foreign Associations;
· Organization and management of museums belonging to the Municipality, especially Castel Nuovo, San Severo al Pendino Church, Monumental Complex Real Casa dell'Annunziata, San Domenico Maggiore Complex;
· Cataloging, preservation and maintenance of the municipal museum collection;
· Carrying out of activities that involve study, research and teaching related to museums and the monumental structures belonging to the City of Naples;
· Cataloging, preservation and maintenance of movable assets of historical-artistic interestof communal property;
· Management of the purchase or donations of works of art;
· Planning of the restoration of historic and artistic heritage, in agreement with the competent Administration and Internal Services Superintendents;
· Activitiesof study, research and teaching related to municipal monumental structures, inagreement with the UNESCO Programme and enhancement of the historic center ofthe city;
· Promotionof artistic and monumental heritage which is responsible for the realization of guided tours and initiatives aimed at the dissemination and exploitation of theartistic, historical and natural heritage;
· Development and management of the promotion of the historical and artistic monuments of the historic center of the city, in collaboration with public and private agencies and institutions and with the competent Superintendents (Museo Aperto);
· Establishment and management of an educational section at the San Domenico Maggiore Museum.
Piazza Municipio - Castel Nuovo (Maschio Angioino)
Info: 0815510780 - 0817957702 fax 0817957782
Manager: Dr. Dello Russo Silvana