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The Rione Sanità

a photo of the statue of Totò in rione sanità

Dear friend,
the Rione sanità receives us from the birth and now involves us in the daily challenges and joys. Many people lived here, from the South and from the East of the Naples, from Afrikas and from China; here during the past times, passed in their carriages Popes, Kings and Cardinals. Our churches aren't just art galleries, but hauses of hospitalyty, of peace, of human design as well. Here the Basilicas cultivate faith among many contraddictions, distill the charity from continously open wounds, constantly dreaming in sleepless nights. Our aim is to support the redemption of this "Rione". This will be possible, only to exstent that its two thousand years history will be valued.
It's with this determination that every day we work hardly to understand how to facilitate the social advancement of our quarter, too often forgotten or ignored, or  reduced to chronicle events that surely even you know.
In the "Valle del Tufo" frequently we share our common experiences with listeners who often choose, as the Associazione l'Altra Napoli, the Fondazione Vismara, Un raggio di Luce, e Per il Sud, not to attend but to actively participate. So the life can follow a new cours, that charms us and invite us to have even more hope.
We realized, like he Bremen Town Musicians in the Grimm's brother tale, that we didn't know themselves shaping our future and that cultivated passions saddened by the prospect of a futur too uncertain and unreliable.

We then joined our concerns with the fantasies they visited us when we tried to understand what to do. Take the stock of our resources, talents and virtues gave us many ideas; among these, the idea to transform in an hospitable place not only the local convent of Sanità, but all the areas with catacombs and basilicas of the "Rione" as well. So we understood to be able to merge the love for culture and the attitude to reception and hospitality, creating jobs, opportunities for redemption and future for all our youth of the Sanità. These are concrete signs to contradict the static nature of the present.

photo of rione sanitàphoto of rione sanitàphoto of rione sanità
We were surprised to see the concrete realization of the projects that we had imagined, and consequently we have to demolish the pessimistic beliefs in which we were immersed. It is therefore possible to find job opportunities in order to earn a living honestly and with relish, experience the pleasure of investing our talents in an adventure in which we can believe and see it grows, day after day. Yes, we have recognized and had to admit this possibility. Sure everything here, in the Valle of Tufo, is difficult, goes slowly and requires always breaks and disclaimers. However, this doesn't prevent us to have hope even though we understand the need to restrain the ambition, sometimes threaten to mortify that "entrepreneurial spirit" that we are trying to grow. And now... we apologize for our many words. Maybe we wrote excessively, but we wanted to share our adventure with you, in the hope that you become our traveling companion.

Good bye.
I giovani della Cooperativa del Rione Sanità
"La Paranza" onlus