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Home » Vivere la città » Tourism » Places » Nature Reserve of the State "Astroni" WWF oasis.

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Nature Reserve of the State "Astroni" WWF oasis.

shore characterized by a big fauna
big lake

Astroni's crater is a WWF oasis, nature reserve of the state, located between Naples and Pozzuoli and it is the biggest crater among thirty craters in Campi Flegrei area .It is a very important center for the protected wildlife and it is crossed by natural paths and birdlife observers.

The crater has an extension of 296 hectares and a perimeter of about 10km. In the crater there are three hills (Imperatrice, Rotondella, Pagliaroni) which take up the most part of its surface. The south-western area is a flat with three little ponds (the biggest is called "Big Lake") with a great fauna and flora. It was a game preserve in the past.The eruption of Astroni dated 3.700 years, at first was explosive and then effusive giving origin to Rotondella Hill.


Nature Reserve of the State "Astroni" WWF oasis- via agnano astroni 468 - naples

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