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Visiting Naples

entrance of gallery Umberto I
gallery Umberto I

Visiting Naples means immersing yourself in a setting of extraordinary and complex beauty. 2,500 years of history are represented and reconstructed in the wonderful works of art and architecture which are interwoven and overlaid in today's urban fabric. They offer the visitor the chance to map out their own learning journey, deciding just how much to find out and what to visit.

Every corner of the city reveals works of incredible historic and artistic value. The city Museums house collections of works of art and archaeological remains which are amongst the finest and most significant in the world. But there is not only ancient art. Two contemporary art galleries have recently opened up inside equally beautiful ancient buildings in the city centre (the PAN and the M.A.D.R.E.). Their numerous exhibitions of foreign and Italian artists enable the visitor to discover a newly-revived cultural vivacity.

So, welcome to Naples, a city of art whose extraordinary architecture and natural landscape add to its magnificence, with its sea, thousands of different colours, ancient city walls and buildings and a long tradition of food and wine as well.

Welcome to the centre of the city, where you can find your way to a Museum, a particular street or square, a monument or just wander around the oldest historic centre in Europe, a real open-air museum which is a UNESCO world heritage site.

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