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Summer in Naples 2012

L i b e r a t e d Seafront

Summer in Naples 2012. Liberated Seafront.
For too many years Naples has been described as a land embraced by the sea, facing everyday the "azure-blue". But waves were strangers to citidwellers movement. Now people and nature are one thing.
Children, young people and families are back to be friends of the sea. All around they walk, they run, they laugh. Freely. The seafront has naturally become Naples' most popular square, a meeting point at any hour for all social classes. Here and now it is possible to find relax, culture and sport, through an "experimentation" and through the art of being together. Summer in Naples finds in the "L i b e r a t e d Seafront" its privileged space, accessible to citizens who won't go on holiday, to tourists, to random visitors and to people who chose Naples for discovering its history and its (cultural) heritage. Great and daily events will be held by Municipal Departments of Culture and Sport, with street acrobats, fire and street artists. With basket and tennis. With music, free wi-fi and bicycles. There will be also a traditional concert on August 15th and some free tours - from 1st August to 26th September - to the Castel dell'Ovo castle, which will be open all Wednesdays until midnight.

The Events

The Events


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