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Christmas time in Naples

night picture of the dome of S.francesco church in piazza plebiscito, with fireworks

This is an event, promoted by the City of Naples and launched in 2004, occurring every year, during the Christmas holidays, from the day celebrating the Virgin (December 8th) to Epiphany (January 6th).

Many of the events, throughout these years, have been related to sacred festivities, such as the preparation of live nativities by Churches, Parish churches, Dioceses and religious Associations.
Additional entertainment has been provided by classical and sacred music concerts in several churches of the city, artistic exhibitions, theatrical performances, literary readings, entertainment activities for children.

A special part of the event takes place during the New Year's Eve celebrations, mainly organized in Piazza Plebiscito, where every year important Italian musicians and actors perform or entertain the public on stage and the public can celebrate the New Year with the city authorities. Another location for the New Year's Eve celebrations is the Promenade in Via Caracciolo, a fascinating setting for spectacular fireworks. The Maritime Station is also used as an all night open disco, meeting point for thousands of young people.

Edition 2008, which in many ways will be different from the previous ones, will be named NAPULÉ MILLE CULURE - Winter notes in Naples. This projects aims to strengthen, through a "spectacular" event, the rich artistic and cultural heritage of the city. The magic atmosphere of Christmas and New Year will be helpful in stressing the elements that best characterize the Parthenopean city: water, sounds, dances and lights.

view from the top of a street in Naples

For this reason, the leading theme will be the merging of elements that are part of the territory and culture of the city, filtered by the most symbolic locations of the Parthenopean artistic heritage, thus combining tradition and innovation, roots rediscovering and opening to the most meaningful experiences of the national and international artistic outline. Moreover, everything will be under the magical influence of the Christmas atmosphere.

The most fascinating locations in the city will be considered as ideal settings: the four Castles, the two Royal Palaces, the Monumental Fountains.

The event will probably be launched in November 2008, towards the middle of the month, with a series of concerts, opera and choreographic performances that usually have a tremendous pull, as well as a cult movies review concentrating on films about music with live soundtrack, in January 2009.

The program will, therefore, have a specifically musical/cultivated imprint and will partly be inspired by the Three Hundredth Anniversary of Handel's journey to Naples.