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Monuments in May

logo of "Monuments in may" 2006

Inaugurated in 1994 - after the huge success of another event called Monuments Open Doors (organised in 1992 by Mirella Barracco, Chairwoman of the Foundation "Naples 99", and aiming to restore some of the most important churches and monuments in Naples), Monuments in May, subsequently extended to every weekend in May and, sometimes, even in the beginning of June, has become an international kermesse which, every year, records a great crowd of tourists, citizens and operators in this field as well as the mass media.

The reopening, throughout the years, of numerous monuments and landscapes sites was the determining factor of a historical, artistic and cultural regeneration of the city heritage, made available to the local citizens as well as to tourists.

Also thanks to Monuments in May, Naples confirmed its status of great capital city of Southern Italy and important tourists attraction, thus rediscovering its historical and cultural roots and welcoming an ever growing number of Italian and foreign tourists. All this resulted in a substantial increase in the tourist demand and a "full house" sign in every hotel.

"Monuments in May" led not only to the reopening and restoration of artistic and cultural sites, but also to the transformation of the City Historical Centre into an "Open Museum" (Unesco listed it as Humankind World Heritage). Among the population, young people in particular have "rediscovered" or "discovered" the city and, thanks to their schools, joined the project "Schools adopt a monument". Districts, now named Municipalities, have been put in charge of the events anticipating "Monuments in May" and having the same goals: "Waiting for May" and "Festivals in the city".
In some way, events have been extended to the bordering Municipalities of the coast, the Phlegraean area, the inland and the islands of Naples.

Considering the increase of tourists flows, the Administration decided to include this event in several tourist programs for Italian and foreign tour operators. "Monuments in May" is now a cultural attraction, able to foster the image of the city and facilitate tourist arrivals also in other periods of the year.

Throughout these years, the kermesse has been supported by important institutions like the Campania Region and other prestigious Bodies and Associations.