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A map of the cultural itineraries in Naples

GEOsiti website

GEOsiteis an informative website developed by Napoli Servizi for the city of Naples. The website collects information on the touristic places thatare geo-referenced on an interactive map. The map allows tourists to know the exact location of the monuments, the distances between places, moreover it collects useful cultural and touristic information.
 The web offers several ways to search:
"Placesand itineraries", which shows the main itineraries and the main places of touristic interest;
"Placesof interest", where the monuments, sorted by address and by name, are divides into different categories: church, building, museum;
 The result ofthe research is presented in a list or it is identified on an interactive map.The icon that identifies the place researched draws useful information on the visiting hours, tickets and phone number.
It is also possible to calculate distances between places.


GEOsitiis available at the following website: www.napoliservizi.com/ geocom


GEOsiti is a part of the activities of designing and creating databases contemplated by the agreement between Napoli Servizi and the City of Naples. GEOsiti service is completely free