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I am

The subject index "I am" is an alternative way of searching this website aiming at giving answers to every citizen's big and small daily problems. You can send your pieces of advice and suggestions  at:


A child
how to find out where the nearest nursery school is, how to enrol a child at primary school, the menu of the school meal service each month...


A teenager
About scolarships, how to obtain free bookcourses, counter services, meeting centres for young and not...



About libraries, counseling centres, internships and apprenticeships...


A Woman
the Neapolitan guide in the feminine: a lot of information and details about how single mothers or new- born families with children can get financial backing ...



A Parent
sending your children to school, how to enrol them, school meal services, alternative educational services, social assistence for at odds or separated parents...


An Old person
reduced season- tickets, home care, helpline, how to sign documents from home...



An Entrepreneur or Trader
starting a new business, facilities for companies, public properties planning permissions...

in cerca di orientamento/occupazione

Counseling and employment
employment projects for young, women and for whoever wants to start an activity or get out of shady situations...



A disable
reduced season-tickets, provision of special equipment, school buses, braille books, demolition of architectural features that deny access...

in disagio socio-economico

In social and economic difficult situations
fighting poverty, chances to obtain financial contributions...



An Immigrant 
reception centre, certificates of elegibility to get accommodations,...

volontario o lavoratore led terzo settore

A Volunteer or a Third sector worker
enrolling on the city register of voluntary organizations, volunteers training for community service...



A Sportperson
information about sporting places, sport activities in the city and in the administrative district, competitions of national and international importance...


A Driver
traffic control devices,  all the ZTL in the city, parking leaves for residents...



A Consumer
daily price trends of general markets, counter service aiming at protecting the consumers' interests, list of the markets in Naples sorted by Municipalities... 


A Tourist 
the schedule of cultural events, routes available on an interactive map, the Fontanelle graveyard, and other information of cultural and tourist nature...



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